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Cocktail menu pop-up book

I loved all types of books as a kid, but ones that I thought were really cool were interactive ones like pop-up books. So when I saw this cocktail menu pop-up book I thought it was a charming piece of work. This menu is designed by London-based illustrator and paper engineer Helen Friel. She collaborated with illustrator Joe Wilson to create an amazing pop-up cocktail menu for the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London. It is beautifully illustrated, with each page designed cleverly. The garnishes and ingredients are conveyed, allowing tomatoes, elderflowers, sprigs of mint and other herbs to bloom in front of a reader's eyes. Other drinks with less evocative ingredient lists have designs inspired by the name of the drink: the page for the Old Blue Eyes cocktail, for example, features a pop-up keyboard, microphone, and Frank Sinatra head lurking behind the drink itself, which takes center stage. popup popup2

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