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My first trip of the summer and I went to see my sister, Grace, who lives in Brooklyn. I've had a hectic month and it was nice to get away for a long weekend. I've visited New York three times before, but it's always been exploring the big city, Manhattan. Grace lives in Clinton Hill, actually on the same block where Walt Whitman lived (it's their local claim to fame). We did a few touristy things, like walk the Brooklyn Bridge and went to see the 911 memorial. But besides that we went to the Brooklyn Smorgasburg (foodie flea market), ate in Chinatown, saw a burlesque show, hung out with some locals in Williamsburg, and went bar hopping. I was excited to wear my vegan leather jacket I never get to wear here by the beach! IMG_1960 IMG_1919   I also went to visit Philadelphia for a day while I was on the east coast. It was about a two hour ride from Manhattan, and spent the day there in downtown Philly. My friend Christopher and I did the ultimate touristy thing, took the double decker bus and rode around the city and saw the historic sites. Some highlights included Betsy Ross' house, Museum of Art where Rocky ran up the stairs (a huge statue of Rocky right by there), Love Park, Washington Square Park and Liberty Bell. We unfortunately did not get to eat any cheesesteak sandwiches Philly is known for, the line at the good spots were outrageous! Next time...

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