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World Cup google art

I barely watch soccer regularly but when the world cup comes around, I'm all for it! I must admit it's pretty exciting and competitive... and pretty awesome to see US go past the first round. What brightens up my day is to see the creative stuff google comes up with their home search page, to promote the games. 6-24 goal palm work usa 2


seattle Seattle, Washington is one place Cheryl, Nina and I haven't been so we decided to go explore there for the long weekend. The forecast was rain all four days, but luckily it only rained one out of the four so we got to enjoy the city more than we anticipated. The first day we did all the touristy sites: Space Needle (great views), Pike Place, the pier and the original Starbucks. We stuffed ourselves with seafood and other goodies (especially Nina and her oysters and crab), I'd have to say the chowder I tasted was incredibly amazing. We also checked out Capitol Hill, the nighttime hipster/grunge scene, where one night we end up at a gay bar. It was one of the most unexpected but fun nights I had in a while, to say the least. And of course we had to do a tour and tasting at Theo chocolate factory (which was delicious), a wine tasting and even a balsalmic and oil tasting. It was refreshing to get out of my element, get my mind off things, enjoy time with some good company and meet some cool Seattle locals.

White space

In my next life, or if I were to have a career change, I would definitely want to be an interior decorator. I can't wait to have my own place so I can start decorating and experimenting with fabrics, colors, textiles, etc. Stumbled upon this image and thought it was just super cool. I then realized that it resembled my design style, I'm a huge fan of white open space and can't stand designs that are too cluttered, or when there's too much going on. Less is more, and the more simple the better. white

The last How I Met Your Mother

First it was the end of Friends. Now its How I Met Your Mother, which I felt like the next generation of Friends but funnier. This might be because I could relate to things we go through in our later 20's and early 30's with Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin. I love their silliness, inside jokes, and each character's quirkiness. This season we finally meet the "mother" we've all been waiting for, ever since the first episode as Ted is telling stories to his kids. The mother is played by Cristin Milioti, who is the perfect girl-next-door type Ted has been waiting for to fall in love with. There were definitely both heartwarming and disappointing moments on the finale when I watched last night, and I hate to admit I had teared up in a couple of scenes. My heart went out to Robin when she realizes Ted should have been the guy she ended up with, or when the gang realizes things do change when we all mature and have families on our own. Because sometimes in real life, there are no happy endings for everyone. There's been some bad reviews on how the series finale ended, and I agree that a few things could've played out differently but it was a still a phenomenal episode and I'm heartbroken I won't be watching HIMYM regularly anymore. You will be missed! HIMYM

The Honeycomb

Bjarke Ingels Group just unveiled the design for Albany, a luxury resort community in the Bahamas, and every unit in the residence features a balcony with a private pool overlooking the marina. Every. Single. One. honeycomb2 honeycomb

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year

lunar_new_year "Gong shi fa tsai" is how you wish a happy new year in Mandarin. Growing up, I always thought my mom was crazy superstitious and now here I am wearing red because it means "good fortune" in our culture. For those of you who are not familiar with the lunar calendar, each year an animal is represented and there are twelve total. It's kind of similar to astrological signs where each animal has its characteristics and personality. I was born in the year of the monkey, so I'd like to consider myself playful, lovable, and most importantly, intelligent 😉

2014 Color of the Year

Pantone named Radiant Orchid as 2014's color of the year. It's a combination of fuschia, purple and pink- love it! pantone_orchid

Art inspired desserts

Art is everywhere - and can even be consumed! I came across cakes inspired by artists such as Mondrian and Van Gogh and found them ever so delightful. Mondrian2 vangogh

How to order a beer overseas

There are thousand of apps out there, but I came upon one by Vivo that I know many would find useful. Ever been traveling overseas and wander into a bar, thinking how to order a beer without sounding like a touristy dummy? Well for 99 cents this app teaches you how to order a beer in 59 different languages so you can order your drink smoothly. Apps like this make our lives so much easier. Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 4.07.47 PM

Classy pizza joint

It sounds like an oxy-moron, because most pizza joints are in fact not meant to be classy. This particular pizzeria is located in Rome, designed by Noses Architects, is a space that balances minimalist aesthetic with old-world charm. Almost resembling a modern living space, or interesting details like the glass encased olive tree, this pizza joint is definitely one of a kind.