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Another year flies by

Happy 2011! The years just go by faster the older we get doesn't it? A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. Making goals that we can hopefully attain and achieve. My personal resolutions is to get rid of my vices, hard to believe yes but I do have some bad habits that I would like to rid of. And like they say, out with the old... in with the new! Just want to rid of some of the negativity in my life and remain optimistic that I will be come a better, stronger person. I know that sounds cheesy but I'm going to make it happen. I also bought Jillian Michael's ab workout DVD, so six pack here I come! Haha... well I'll see how long I can hang for. Just gotta cut down on those taco bell stops in the morning!


Ahh its mid December and the holidays are definitely here. Not only do you hear Christmas songs in every store you go into but you get to witness the retail madness, oh and of course the pretty lights around the neighborhood. What I love most is the smell of fresh pine trees... mmmm!. Here's a bit of a fashion tip for you trend setters: yes red lips are definitely in for the winter. Just be sure not to wear too much eye make-up or else you're going to look like a drag queen or hooker.


I usually don't listen to Eminem that much but I've been listening to this song lately and I really like it. His lyrics always flow so well together and describe his life and what he's going through. Keeping it real, is what I love about him. Well Thanksgiving is over, the over indulgence in food, drinking, shopping the crazy sales, and yes... time to hit the gym again. I also made a trip out to Vegas for my girlfriend Star's birthday. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Just kidding. Nothing too crazy but it was a lot fun just to getaway for the weekend. Checked out the clubs at Tao and Vanity, and ended up at a random stripclup Saturday night (don't ask). Some funny moments include Lianne brushing her teeth with Cortizone accidently, then Jenee almost getting in a fight at some random Subway bathroom by trying use the men's restroom. People sure get cranky when their bladders are full apparently. Fun times! Oh, by the way, I don't care if I'm a 30 year old woman but I can't get enough of Justin Bieber. He just made a song with Kanye West called "Runaway Love" that I kind of like. Go ahead and check it out, and maybe if you're lucky I'll post the song up next time. So the holidays are coming up and I can't help feeling nostalgic and reflect on the past year. Have you ever lost someone, I mean not by death or anything tragic, but just parted ways maybe due to a breakup or a falling out with a friend? I hate that feeling, when you just think of them randomly and you suddenly miss them and think about how they are doing? It's crazy that you can spend so much time with one person, and the next year, month or whatever, they are gone. So yes, in the past year I've dealt with two breakups and had a falling out with one of my good friends. This is killing me, probably one of the worst years I've had... hopefully 2011 will be a better one. I hate being such a sap sometimes, I think one of my new years resolution is to be a cold hearted bitch. Sometimes life would just be easier that way. But people come in and out of your life I guess that's something you have to deal with. Anyway it's getting late and I'd better be getting to bed before I get really sappy listening to this damn Eminem song.


Before watching this movie, I had heard good things about it. And when you throw Denzel in the mix, I was for sure expecting an awesome movie. Unfortunately my expectations were too high and after leaving the theater, I was greatly dissapointed. It was similar to "Speed", but even with Keanu Reeve's bad acting I thought it was better than Unstoppable. I know it's based on a true story about the two guys trying to save the runaway train, but snore! I had to fight the urge of falling asleep a couple times... well I guess you can blame that on being slightly hungover from going out the night before to Association for my dear friend Kelly's birthday. This movie was just too predictable, slow and a little boring. Denzel, first "Deja Vu" and now this?! Cmon now... maybe if him or Chris Pine could have taken their shirts off then MAYBE it might be worth watching. Maybe. Ok, not really. Anyway I had a great weekend with the girls. We got massages and facials at Pelican Hills Spa in Newport Beach then headed to LA for dinner at Pete's Cafe and drinks at The Association in downtown. Hope you had a great birthday Kelly!

Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg

My coworkers and I were chatting it up the other day and came wondering, how much did Mark Zuckerberg make off of facebook? Well did a little bit of research and found out he is worth about seven billion dollars. Yes, seven billion!! That is with nine zeros, wowsers. So as we were wondering if this young 26-year old is single or taken, we find out on Wikipedia that he indeed has a girlfriend who lives with him in Palo Alto, California. Her name is Priscilla Chan. They met in college and she is Chinese, and thus Mark is also trying to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese! How cute is that... (keep in mind that I am Mandarin-Chinese as well too). After our discussion my coworker sent me this article today:, which I found really entertaining. Mark Zuckerberg has yellow fever! Lol. It's also kind of scary how much information you can get off a famous person, with a couple clicks of a mouse huh?

Shower Invitation

Here's a bridal shower invitation I designed for one of my best friends. The theme of the shower was hawaiian/tropical with her wedding colors pink and purple.

Watercolor Theme

I'm excited to launch the temporary new theme for now - this lovely artistic watercolor template for WordPress. I was using the Big Feature theme before, which was really clean and simple looking but for now I like this. I will most likely switch back in the future... Please bear with me as I add on to this site. So Friday night my friend had tickets to see the Canadian band, Stars at the Wiltern in LA. Though I only know a couple of their songs (my favorites are "undertow" and "your ex lover is dead"), they were really great to see live. And what I like about the Wiltern is the decor of the theater, it's classic and old school, it actually makes you feel like you're in a real theater without all that jazz. It's been a while since I've seen a live show and I've forgotten what a cool experience it is, to have that energy and the music transform you. And yes I did get a souvenir- from a guy on the street selling t-shirts for five dollars. It was either that or a danger dog (bacon-wrapped hotdogs sold on the streets), but now I'm actually glad I have something to remember it by. Times like these is when I wish I can get out of my Orange County bubble and live in LA where there is so much more... of a nightlife!