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Logo concepts

Logo design for Stadia and its sub companies: Stadia Land, Stadia Realty, and Stadia Management.

Shaqila Font

The past week I've been obsessed with looking for new fonts, specifically stylish hip feminine fonts that I could use in more of my design work. I came upon this font, Shaqila, in the Creative Market. For someone who has a terrible memory like I do, I have to find a good reference to remember its name. Shaqila is a combo name of Shaq, the ginormous basketball player, and Shakira, of one of my favorite spanish pop singers. SHAQILA. I just love how it's a hip, retro script font and some of the letters come in alternative stylistic options, with also a set of swashes as well. It's gorgeous! shaqila shaqila2 shaqila3

Cocktail menu pop-up book

I loved all types of books as a kid, but ones that I thought were really cool were interactive ones like pop-up books. So when I saw this cocktail menu pop-up book I thought it was a charming piece of work. This menu is designed by London-based illustrator and paper engineer Helen Friel. She collaborated with illustrator Joe Wilson to create an amazing pop-up cocktail menu for the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London. It is beautifully illustrated, with each page designed cleverly. The garnishes and ingredients are conveyed, allowing tomatoes, elderflowers, sprigs of mint and other herbs to bloom in front of a reader's eyes. Other drinks with less evocative ingredient lists have designs inspired by the name of the drink: the page for the Old Blue Eyes cocktail, for example, features a pop-up keyboard, microphone, and Frank Sinatra head lurking behind the drink itself, which takes center stage. popup popup2


Having two bikes stolen from me within the past five years has made me diligent on locking my bike everywhere I go. Especially living by the beach, where a bike is almost a necessity (due to limited parking). Designed by Oren Livne and Michael Shenkerman, Seatylock looks deceptively like a normal bicycle saddle, but a steel chain locks into it. When you take the seat off its post, the lock comes out, and it takes 30 seconds to secure your bike frame and seat to any pole or fixed object. This is funded by Kickstarter and should be released in March of next year. bike2 bike

World Cup google art

I barely watch soccer regularly but when the world cup comes around, I'm all for it! I must admit it's pretty exciting and competitive... and pretty awesome to see US go past the first round. What brightens up my day is to see the creative stuff google comes up with their home search page, to promote the games. 6-24 goal palm work usa 2

Terra Cibus

Stumbled upon some photographs in a new exhibit by Caren Alpert. Can you guess what they are?

These images were taken by a scanning electron microscope (SEM) which can magnifies up to over 30,000 times. These items are actually edible and things we put into our bodies every day. The images are: 1. pop tart 2. pineapple leaf 3. cake sprinkles. The more natural the food is, the more complex the texture is. Notice how smooth the cake sprinkles look at a microscopic level, compared to the leaf. His gallery compares natural foods to processed foods, and the vibrant colorful photos almost look abstract in their texture and form. It's pretty amazing how they look, and makes you second think about what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. His exhibit can be seen at:

Lovely Font

Look what I stumbled upon today, indeed a gorgeous font. Great for invitation designs... 😉